Technology solutions have been making a big impact in race management over the last decade. There are now a great array of tools available to race directors that can help streamline your online registration, event operations, volunteer management and other aspects of your event planning and delivery. There's also an increasing number of race apps that can help elevate the race experience for your in-person or virtual event.

Below you'll find a collection of the best specialist technology tools for races, as reviewed by race directors. 

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ZippyReg is a comprehensive online registration platform. Our roots go back over 15 years to 2003, when we launched online registration for our own r… read more

Volunteers are a core part of what makes your organization successful. Make sure they have the best experience possible, while also being productive,… read more

viRACE is an app that allows you to participate in virtual running events. The app handles the registration, distance and time measurement as well as… read more

UltraSignup is the leader in online results and registration for trail running events throughout North America and beyond. We have bridged the rigor … read more

The World's Only Triathlon Specific, Cloud Based Scoring, Registration, Results and Management Software! Whether you are a Race Director or a … read more

Your one stop shop for everything related to volunteering for events. Whether you're a volunteer looking for a great event, or an event manager w… read more

Sell more tickets to your races, festivals, and events and increase conversions. Take full control from online sales (printed and digital tickets) to… read more

Ticketbud was built on the idea that anyone, anywhere in the world wanting to organize an event should have the tools to simply do so. We promote thi… read more

Driven to be leaders in comprehensive software solutions for event & club organizers. read more

Open registration in minutes with our one-page event set-up. Easily create customized survey questions, discount codes, and solicit for charitable do… read more

In 2018 we launched our white labelled tracking app, ‘SportSplits Tracker, a leader in this field. Our tracker currently services major events … read more Real-Time Remote Racing™ uses the built-in GPS on participant smartphones to track remotely in a live outdoor event. Participants race … read more

Reduce manual hours spent in spreadsheets & outdated solutions by streamlining your volunteer & paid staff management in one centralized, onl… read more

RemoteRacing™ is real racing with real results. It normalizes different remote climates and courses to create a fair and level playing field. F… read more

RedPodium helps you generate 10%-25% MORE revenue compared to Active and other online registration systems. RedPodium is the most flexible race regis… read more

RaceWire is an endurance event service company headquartered in New England and serving clients all across the country. We provide online registratio… read more

Racing should be the challenge, not registration! We are a team of experienced race directors here to provide you with solutions and excellent custom… read more

We're an online race registration company dedicated to making registration easy for both the participants and race organizers. Easily Manage R… read more