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Boost Registrations with This Facebook Strategy

A step-by-step guide for a Facebook campaign targeting runners looking for preparatory races similar to your event.

4 Content Ideas to Get You Through the Off-Season

Struggling to find things to to write about during the quiet months between race editions? Here’s a few ideas to get you going

Are You Making the Most of In-Kind Sponsorship?

In-kind sponsorship is easier to get than cash sponsorship and often much more effective. Here’s what you should look for and how to grow your sponsorship portfolio.

8 Tools to Supercharge Your Online Productivity

From efficient social media scheduling to document sharing and email marketing, here’s our pick of top tools to boost your productivity

Give Your Race an Edge with Live Video

Read about the many ways live video can enhance your race profile, reach and communication effectiveness

Maximise Race Revenue with Responsive Pricing

Are you making the most of your registration revenue or leaving money on the table? Implementing a flexible pricing strategy can maximise your race’s revenue

4 Killer Strategies for Winning Race Partnerships

Considering a partnership with another race? Find the perfect race partner for your event with these killer strategies and boost your race’s appeal

19 US Race Directories to List Your Race On

Our top US nationwide race directories to list your race on. And a few regional ones to help give your race a local boost. Start listing now!

19 International Race Directories to List Your Race On

Want to promote your race to a global audience? Start by listing your race on these free race directories

Facebook Pages vs Events vs Groups

Confused about Facebook pages vs Facebook events vs Facebook groups? What’s best for your race? Here’s our guide to help answer your questions

Enhance Your Race with Facebook Groups

Organising a race and already have a Facebook page? You can take your race further with these great uses of Facebook groups

An Introduction to Digital Marketing for Race Organisers

Starting out online? Learn everything your race will need to succeed with this overview of digital marketing.

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