RFID Timing Systems

Below you'll find a list of RFID chip timing systems as reviewed by our community of race directors.


RACE RESULT is the innovation leader in sports timing. With more than 5,000,000 timed athletes per year and customers in 85 countries, … read more

Innovative Timing Systems provides leading-edge sports timing solutions and race timing services through a network of over 550 timers and 18,000 even… read more

Over the years, you’ll have seen our technology being used just about every day of every week of every year – and in every country. You j… read more

Our technology is designed by and for timers. We’ve been timing for over 14 years with several timing systems. That’s why we design our technology ba… read more

MYLAPS supports athletes, racers and events in creating their ultimate sports experience.Every year we capture the performance of over 20 million peo… read more

US Sports Timing is your #1 source for the best performing timing systems and accessories in the market. Our catalogue of quality products have been … read more

J-Chip is designed for timing marathons, road/trail running, road bike racing, mountain bike racing, triathlon, mud/obstacle racing, cross-country sk… read more

ACTIVE Network | IPICO race timing hardware guarantees industry-leading accuracy with integrated software solutions that work together to help you de… read more

With more than 10 years of experience, we are the first timing solution provider in Italy, and our systems are used worldwide by clubs, associations,… read more

ChronoTrack is the industry-tested and trusted brand for timing solutions in endurance sports, supporting 19 of the 25 largest events in the U.S. … read more

uRTime Timing Systems are best-in-class RFID chip timing solutions for mass sports events. They provide real-time online tracking of athletes vi… read more

The heart of the system is the Black Box which is a self-contained timing system that can record, store and forward chip readings using its internal … read more