The majority of American races are timed on ChronoTrack for a reason. Founded in 2008 and acquired by Life Time in 2012, ChronoTrack was the first to introduce the disposable timing tag.

The company is now the industry standard for timing accuracy, stability, and dependability. Our solutions are particularly performant under adverse conditions like unfavorable weather, heavy athlete density, and challenge environmental or logistics. Our technology, our track record, and our commitment to support our network of over 275 global timing partners allows us to retain some of the most prestigious races around the world as long-term customers.

ChronoTrack offers an end-to-end platform via Athlinks and ChronoTrack Live products which includes registration, live scoring and results, social media message, photo, and video delivery services and athlete profiles. A key benefit of our vertically integrated platform is data integrity and availability. The athlete data feeds directly from the Registration (or via API from 3rd party) into the timing and scoring engine and finally directly into the Athlinks results platform which eliminates the chance of data corruption or loss. In short, it ensures the accuracy of athlete results which means a happy participant and a repeat customer.


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