At Lapio we focus on what we do best, developing timing software, and let our partners focus on what they do best. The result is race organizers and timers never have to settle for anything but the best.

Sick of waiting 3 days for boring, static race results? Lapio timing software is not your grandma's race results. With live streamed results, participants get results the second they cross the finish line.

Spectators can follow people on the course and know the moment they finish. For organizers this means instant engagement and a larger, happier audience.

Lapio timing software is hardware agnostic, meaning that you have flexibility when choosing your timing hardware. Think of it like this, if you are building a house, today you may need a hammer but tomorrow you might need a saw. Not all races are the same and neither is timing hardware.

When developing our software, it was important to us that race organizers were not tied down to a specific hardware platform. For race organizers, this means always having control over the choices you make for your business today, tomorrow, always.


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