John Brown


Nationally recognized TV personality... and avid runner.

John has emceed dozens of races from small charity events to big time marathons.  He runs several marathons a year and is the inventor of Bib Magnets, so he understands “race day” like none-other.

John works as a solo announcer or with a partner.

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  • mvespa
    Reviewed on Aug. 1, 2019, 4:55 p.m.

    As the race director for GO! St. Louis, I am very fortunate to work with John Brown on all of the biggest GO! St. Louis events.

    He has announced the GO! St. Louis Marathon Weekend for several years, which is a 2-day event of over 20,000 participants. He also announces several of our other races throughout the year.

    John is professional, extremely flexible, and above all - does a great job of engaging with participants, keeping the energy at the events high, and creating an atmosphere of top-quality events that we aim to organize! I highly recommend his services!

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