RaceGorilla started from the passion for sports and performance. As athletes and race organizers ourselves, we recognized the need for an easy and affordable timing solution. We started RaceGorilla as we saw that many race organizations are pushed back by the restrictions in budget and (technical) manpower when choosing their timing solution. On top of that, we saw a huge potential to increase the exposure by building an online platform. Read more about RaceGorilla and which problems it solves when organizing a race.

Many sports need timing and judging, individual, group or mass starts. RaceGorilla solves the challenges of organizing a competition by providing the key components in the ecosystem of your race management:

  • End-to-end competition management: an advanced dashboard covering everything from subscription to results
  • Timing & scoring with everyday devices: time & score via your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Easy operation: just 5 min training is enough to start timing.
  • Fair pricing per event and no upfront investments


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