CloudTimer is an easy to use timing and event management platform for timed sports.


  • When using CloudTimer, there is no need go invest in expensive hardware. It is possible to have a race with just a set of smartphones.
  • To manage advanced settings and when you have got a lot of athletes and different classes, you can use the online dashboard.
  • If you have got an advanced and accurate race clock, it is possible to connect it to the CloudTimer platform and have 100% accurate times. No need to hire an expensive professional crew to run your race.
Easy to Use:
  • A race can be set up within a couple of seconds. An online results page is generated automatically and you will see the results appear online as soon as the athlete hits the course.
  • CloudTimer is designed to be operated by volunteers, It's easy to learn.
  • Volunteers can use their own mobile phone, so they are familiar with the look and feel, they will trust their device and handle it with care.
Great Exposure:
  • As soon as the athletes are on course, things start happening online as well. See the running times, splits and penalties appear in the on-course results view. As soon as the athletes are finished, the results are updated.
  • For race at any level, results can be followed on-line., anywhere in the world. Both on mobile as on desktop computers.
  • Sponsors can be displayed on the results page and they can be shared on social media.


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