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Active Stills Media started 3 years ago with just myself shooting CrossFit events across the UK. I’m a well-established photographer in this area and I’m now looking to shoot more events such as OCR, Running, Biking and beyond.

My first OCR booking this year was with Rood Rampage and was very successful, with two more bookings with Extreme Events for 2018.

I have also headed the Media Team for Superhuman Events for the past 2 years and will be continuing to work with them in 2018. I’m looking to reach out to more events and have now put together a 4 man team including myself to make available to any events requiring media coverage. My team are very keen in moving forward and are not afraid in getting up close to the action, capturing the shots needed to reflect the true nature of the event.

Turnaround for posting images is quick and can start being posted to Facebook (if required) the next day with all posted within 2- 4 days. On Completion of all images being posted, I can provide event organisers with a personal Private Album of all images in HR so they can be used for website updates and they are at your disposal when needed for advertising.

Please get in touch to for more info and bookings.


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