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MPA Event Graphics have been providing signage and promotional materials for some of the most prestigious events and organizations in the country.
We are excited to be able to offer members a 10% OFF discount on all items from the MPA catalogue, including race signage, inflatable arches, flags, banners, ScrimLite fencing and all other promotional products.

At MPA, we know that printing is only the first step. That real success is an outcome that satisfies the requirements of every constituent audience: our client, our client’s client, the brand or event production team, and the intended audience. To fail in one area is to fail in all. We place a strong emphasis on customer service and strive at every turn to foster a friendly, helpful, collaborative relationship with our clients.

How We Work

Our goal is to be the most knowledgeable, best resourced, graphics company in the event business. From the outset, it was clear to us that the key to meeting the varied needs of our clients was flexibility; to define our capabilities in terms of customer need rather than the capacity or capabilities of our machines.

With a solid list of reliable, long-term production partners across the U.S., MPA is free to focus its efforts on six key areas:

  • Client communication and customer service
  • Communicating, as needed, our extensive hands-on experience in event marketing and production
  • Total project involvement, from concept to execution in the field
  • Rapid scalability to meet large project needs
  • Minimizing the impact of production logjams and equipment failures
  • Providing a single-point resource to integrate disparate project elements and multiple sources of supply

Our Clients

MPA is proud to work with a wide variety of major brands, agencies, organizations events, and corporate clients across the U.S. including:

BMW Dallas Marathon  •  Cervelo  •  Challenged Athletes Foundation  •  Competitor Group  •  Conqur Endurance Group  •  Corrigin Sports  •  Dew Action Sports Tour  •  Event 360  •  Garwood Events  •  Gatorade  •  Governor’s Ball Music Festival •  GU •  IBM  •  Hartford Marathon  •  Hincapie Sportswear •  Indianapolis 500 Festival  •  International Triathlon Union  •  Lifetime Fitness  •  Long Beach Marathon  •  Motive Events  •  New York Triathlon  •  Orange County Marathon  •  Pasadena Half Marathon  •  Premier Event Management  •  Race Across America  •  Rock & Roll Marathon  •  Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon  •  Susan G. Komen Foundation  •  Tough Mudder  •  Training Peaks  •  Tri Rock Triathlon Series  •  Under Armour  •  USA Triathlon and many more…

  • Rating: 5 / 5

    Working with MPA is extremely easy and efficient. Their team is always knowledgeable about new, upcoming and the best products on the market. They are “event people” and understand the actual needs of their clients. I can’t speak highly enough of a how MPA does business and delivers on their promises.

  • Rating: 5 / 5

    Mike and his team at MPA Event Graphics were wonderful to work with. The process from A to Z was exceptional in terms of Customer Service and the quality of the products we received. We needed some world-class materials but on a grass-roots budget and they delivered. Our finish line and event expo looked fabulous. We were also on a very tight deadline and I was shocked that they were able to design, produce and deliver on time! I highly recommend MPA Event Graphics.

  • Rating: 5 / 5

    Mike Plant was terrific in offering new ideas for Colfax Marathon for creating photo ops for runners, and making more of a statement at one of our remote race starts that wasn’t strong – with flag signage, fencing, etc. He and his team executed well for us!

  • Rating: 5 / 5

    Prior to USA Triathlon and MPA Event Graphics forming an official partnership, we hired Mike Plant and his outstanding team as a vendor for several years. During this time (and continuing today) he provided the signage and branding presence for our largest and most important events, including USA Triathlon National Championships and the ITU World Triathlon Series. MPA’s customer service, quality products, strategic branding advice, quick turnaround, and cost-effective pricing made it an easy decision to name them our exclusive provider. As the National Governing Body, we wholeheartedly recommend them to all of our corporate partners, race directors, event production companies and triathlon clubs across the country. — Chuck Menke, USA Triathlon CMO

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