Timing Is Everything


We offer both chip timing and pull-tag timing at very reasonable rates, and almost always provide results while the event is in progress.

We do timing and results for:

  • Running/Walking - Small, medium and large races over common or uncommon distances such as 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, 5K, 4 mile, 8K, 5 mile, 10K, 12K, 15K, 10 mile, half-marathon, 25K, 30K, marathon, etc. Alan's ElfScore software is very flexible, and can handle special categories, relay teams, many varieties of team scoring, etc.
  • Relays - Whether run separately, such as an Ekiden, or as part of another event, such as a triathlon, duathlon, or half/full marathon.
  • Cross Country - National, College, High School, Elementary School races (sectionals, invitationals, conference, etc.). We are usually able to upload results before the coaches leave for home, and sometimes will upload results during a race so people interested in the action can watch on the web from wherever they are.
  • Mountain Bike - Mountain bike races, where bikers ride one or more laps around a particular course. Naturally, our equipment also records lap times for riders, which is also helpful in case a rider misses a turn and rides a much shorter loop than what was intended. Our bib chip (4.25 inches square) works well for mountain bike races.
  • Canoe/Kayak - Canoe and kayak races, separately or in combination with a multisport event (think canoe/bike/run triathlon!).
  • Miscellaneous - Stair climbs and other events.



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