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Timer Guys is the premier race directing and timing company in Kansas. With years of experience, Timer Guys times and directs some of the largest, oldest, and most prestigious running events in the state.

We develop high quality sporting events and provide timing services for triathlon, duathlon, running events(road and off-road), cycling events(road and off-road) and any other event that can be timed. We can handle all your event production and timing needs.

At Timer Guys, we are focused on executing your event at the highest level and committed to the total event experience. We offer the MyLaps BibTag Timing System as well as conventional and disposable timing chips. Your race is all about time and the Championchip and MyLaps equipment have proven to be the most accurate and dependable timing equipment on the market.

The technology is used at many big city marathons, including Boston, Chicago, Ironman triathlons plus thousands of other events around the world, with proven superior performance. No race is too large or too small for us to time. From tens of thousands to 17 people and everything between, we have worked with races in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois. If you currently have a race or are thinking about starting one, we can help! Without us, it’s just a parade.

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  • Brandon Steinert

    April 3, 2023, 10:16 p.m.

    We have used Timer Guys for the Flatlander Half Marathon in Great Bend, KS for six years.
    I also used them to time the Wicked Wilson Gravel Race last year.

    This is truly a turnkey set-it-and-forget it professional timing company - way more than just a team that sets up the equipment. They integrate into your race and add to the experience.

    They handle all the details and are super reliable. They communicate really well and in a timely fashion.

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