Race Director


We're a small company, that can meet the needs of the largest races with market leading RFID timing systems combined with a technical team we can make your event come to life.

We use state of the art timing hardware that has been tried and tested over the years at events such as the Manchester Marathon (UK), the Two Oceans Marathon (SA) and the Norseman Triathlon (NOR). Our team will work with you to understand the requirements to time your event, implementing the correct hardware to meet the needs to each of your races.

The Ultra4 timing system is our mid range solution designed specifically for cycling and multi-sport events which typically use side antennas or as a split timing point for larger running events with antenna mats. With 4 antenna ports the Ultra4 system can be coupled with antenna mats and/or side antennas and is capable of reading any unlocked Gen2 UHF tag on the market.

The Ultra8 is our ultimate solution designed specifically for running events with more than 500 participants or where the maximum number of antennas need to be deployed. With the ability to connect up to 8 antennas this system gives the user the greatest flexibility to time events of any size.


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