Use our Live technology to create your personalized race app, with usability taken care of down to the finest details of timingsense.

Live video and instant repeats:

  • Spectators can follow every step as if they were there with live video streaming.
  • Each athlete will have available in his profile the video replay of his passage through each point instantly and without the need for postproduction.

Predictive tracking and athlete geolocation:

  • Participants can share their Live profile with their friends so they can follow their position on the map and see their rankings. They will receive alerts every time they go through a control point.
  • In addition, the spectators can check live how the athletes are distributed along the circuit and contrast it with the relief of the event.

Instant race results:

  • General, by category, by specific category…on each stage of the race. Live display of race positions that interest the organizers and the athletes in real-time.


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