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Launched in 2003, EntryCentral is the leading online entry agency in the UK for multisport events, and we’re working on the other sports.

Simple. Secure. Low cost

Providing secure and simple low cost online entry for entrants and organisers is what we do best. We securely manage over twenty thousand event registrations and club memberships every month, from triathlon to motorcross and from Orkney to Cornwall. We continually improve our service based on feedback from you.

EntryCentral is ideally suited to any event or organisation seeking public sign ups. We offer competitors and you the organiser an easy to use, secure and industry­-beating low cost online entry system for races, club memberships or indeed for anything requiring the applicant to fill out a form with their personal details.

Sign-up features:

  • Immediate email receipts
  • Withdrawals and payment card refunds
  • Waiting Lists for events that have reached their limit, with deferred card payments.
  • Pay-by-cheque (See Pay-By-Cheque)
  • Shopping basket for buying many sign-ups with one card transaction
  • Discounts ­ where buying two or more sign-ups qualifies the user for a discount
  • Early-bird sign-up fees e.g. £10 until 1st May, £15 until closing date
  • Hot Tickets – we can ease frustration and panic for fast-selling events by giving users ample time to complete sign-ups and pay for them, once they've reserved a slot.
  • Users with accounts can review/manage their own sign-ups, if they change their minds about e.g. an event t-shirt
  • Through our partners, we can protect the value of the sign-up for the user, against the risks of illness/injury/relocation etc



5.0 / 5 from 2 reviews

  • darrenm
    Reviewed on April 5, 2021, 8:52 a.m.

    It's a great platform with a massive amount of functionality. Anything you need to do it's already there. The online guides are really helpful for when you're relaunching or doing anything you're not too sure about and support is available if you need it (which you very rarely do).

    It does everything we've ever needed it to do and it makes it easy for users to sign up to our event and self manage their entries.

  • Graeme113
    Reviewed on April 3, 2021, 8:37 a.m.

    113 Events have been using Entry central for over 10yrs now.

    It's an easy platform to use, the interaction is simple, yet there's more complicated features available if required, and the user interface simple and effective
    The support team are always very helpful too, and are easy to access

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