The Camp Team is a leader in sport insurance. With so many activities for everyone, more and more individuals are starting their own business promoting, organizing, and running athletic events.

Determining what type of sport insurance you’ll need will be the first step. To protect your participants, staff, volunteers, and organization from lawsuits arising from property damage to bodily injuries, a sport organization can purchase three different insurance policies. Not all policies are the same and some may not offer the proper protection.

Accident Insurance:

Insurance provides your organization’s participants and volunteers reimbursement for medical bills incurred as the result of a covered injury during competition, practice, or traveling to event.

Accident coverage can be written on excess or primary bases. Excess coverage means policy is secondary to an injured party primary health insurance. Policy will not cover primary insurance deductibles, co-pays, program limits, or out of network care. If injured party does not have primary care, excess coverage becomes primary. Primary accident coverage would pay claims first, regardless of primary care. Expenses payable under any Workers Compensation Law or similar legislation is excluded. Please verify with domicile state’s employee laws and regulations.

Participant Liability:

Covers lawsuits alleging a spectator or participant has suffered bodily injury or property damage due to the negligence of your organization. Policy pays for your defence and pays for costs of settlement or jury verdict. Lawsuits are filed every day for injuries that occur at games/practices and during off-premises non-sport activities. Even if you prove that you were not negligent, you must defend yourself in court. Without participant liability coverage, your organization would incur all these costs out of pocket. Certain exclusions apply and need to verified before accepting the policy.

Spectator / Premise Liability:

Coverage would only pay to defend your organization from lawsuits arising from a spectator slips and falls or property damage done to the facility while under your organizations control. Claims by athletic participants are excluded under this policy. Certain exclusions apply and need to verified before accepting the policy.

When making a decision on sport insurance, our agents are more than happy to explain what type of coverage recommend by The Camp Team. The more you know before your event will just help your event run smooth and keep your mind at ease.

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