Black Box Timing


The heart of the system is the Black Box which is a self-contained timing system that can record, store and forward chip readings using its internal industrial computer. Powered by internal high quality 12v Lithium batteries it can operate for at least six hours. With external battery or main power it can run indefinitely making it ideal for endurance events.

As the heart of a timing system, the Black Box needs to be able to communicate with other devices. The standard Black Box system incorporates three Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, and GPRS/4G possibility.

The Black Box stores data internal and can automatically upload data to our cloud service for remote access whenever a connection is available.

The Black Box is designed to handle all kinds of events. From small events with 50 participants to major events with more than 50.000 participants.

Our systems are operating on an open standard and can read all non-encrypted GEN 2 UHF timing chips.

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