ATLAS Live Timing


BLE timing offers all the benefits of traditional chip timing but at a lower cost with highly scalable timing points across the whole event course. The system comes with an integrated live tracking app for spectators. ATLAS BLE timing is the most versatile and easy-to-deploy timing system on the market today for trail running, cycling, swimrun, triathlon and OCR.
Our BLE Timing system consists of Pods for athletes, Race Management Software for organisers and timers, and a mobile web app for spectators with live leaderboards, mapping and results. The Pods are exceptionally light and versatile at 12 grams and totally waterproof.  
ATLAS Live Timing is based in the UK and offers both GPS and BLE timing equipment and services for race organisers and race timing companies worldwide. Our proprietary GPS Pods are the lightest on the market and have been used in large events such as Spartan Race through to international triathlons and small trail runs. All of our GPS Pods also contain BLE timing therefore athletes only need wear one device.


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