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Back when we started timing there was basically 3- 6 timers per state. Nowadays that number has exploded just like the number of events has.

At the end of the day you need to feel confident no matter what happens at your event that your timer can handle the situation.

Since we have produced and timed every type of event we have handled virtually every possible situation from extreme weather situations like a blizzard to a tornado to a complete downpour. When the “you know what” hits the fan rest assured we have your back, and then some.

Example, first year running event, the folks who hired us to time the event were clearly overwhelmed from the start, all of a sudden out of nowhere they get 400 race morning last minute walk ups. They only planned for 50, Annmarie stepped in at registration took control of the entire process and Kenny took control of the start area, then over to the finish area to accommodate the additional athletes and the event started on time without an issue. All 700 runners may not have received a shirt  but they were all timed.

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