10 UK Race Calendars to List Your Race On

10 UK Race Calendars to List Your Race On

When it comes to marketing your race, you can't get a better head start than listing it in as many free race calendars as possible. Listing your race in quality race directories will help increase awareness of your event, drive participants to your registration page and boost your website's rankings.

We've scoured the length and breadth of the internet for UK's largest and most popular free race calendars that you can enter your race on with a simple user signup (if that).

And here they are!

Is your race based in the US? Check out our list of US race calendars.

All-Race Calendars

Free-to-list race calendars accepting all event types and distances (see more in international race calendars)

Time Outdoors

Time Outdoors is a huge resource for anything, well, outdoors. Although it may not have the most fanatical of running audiences, like The Running Bug or Fetch Everyone, the website claims a 100k+ subscriber. It also features the largest database of UK running events we could find.

You can submit you race to the TimeOutdoors.com directory for free by clicking on the link below.

Add a race listing on TimeOutdoors.com (requires free user registration)


Racecheck is another beautifully presented race database with a predominantly UK footprint. Race listings on the website come with full social media feed support, as well as maps and an image gallery. Participants can even leave race reviews of your race that the good folk at Racecheck help highlight through their very active Twitter account.

To list your race on Racecheck, click the link below to sign up to the site.

Add a race listing on Racecheck.com (requires free user registration)

Find A Race

FindARace.com is another purpose-built race discovery website with a great aesthetic. Now leveraging a network of partner websites using FAR race search widgets (including the NHS) totalling 450,000+ users, this is not a race directory to overlook. The FAR team offers a free race listing to the directory that can be further promoted, if desired, for a fee across the FAR website and social media platform.

To add an event to the directory you will need to sign up for a free account and then click on the “Submit an Event” button on the dashboard side panel.

Add a race listing on FindARace.com (requires free user registration)


runABC is the collective name for four different regional websites: the Scottish, Northern, Midlands and Southern Running Guides, now known simply as runABC Scotland, runABC North, runABC Midlands, runABC South. Although the regional websites are meant to cater for their respective regional running communities, listings in the respective race databases are a bit more relaxed. So, you may find that runABC South includes mostly races taking place in the South with a few odd rest-of-UK and international events thrown in the mix.

Which sites you decide to list your race on is your choice, but make sure you do as this is an active online network and race listings are free.

Add a race listing on runABC (requires free user registration)

Fetch Everyone

FetchEveryone.com has built a very active community of nearly 90,000 members (or Fetchies, as we believe the technical term is), as well as a very impressive race and results database that includes events from all major endurance disciplines. Race listings are as basic as they get, which is not necessarily a bad thing as the FE directory focuses on location browsing, making it easier for runners to find local races.

Tip: Keep monitoring the bottom of your FE race entry page for Fetchies having entered your race.

Add a race listing on FetchEveryone.co.uk (requires free user registration)

Good Run Guide

Good Run Guide has been a popular curator of running routes across the UK, offering a valuable service to runners looking for a change of scenery. Alongside its running routes directory, GRG also offers a substantial race directory presented in a nice free-text narrative format.

It is free to list your race on GoodRunGuide.co.uk under a basic listing (an ad-free Advanced race listing is also available at a cost) - just click on the link below.

Add a race listing on GoodRunGuide.co.uk (requires free user registration)


You may know UKRunChat as the UK's most popular Twitter chat about all things running. Well, they are a lot more than that these days: apart from organising their own events, they also host a race calendar for UK races on their website that anyone can add to.

The UKRunChat race directory is not the largest out there and it feels like its just being built out. Should you list? Our answer is a definitive 'yes'.

Add a race listing on UKRunChat.co.uk

Marathon & Half-Marathon Race Calendars

Free-to-list race calendars specifically for marathons and half marathons (see more in international race calendars).

100 Marathon Club

A race calendar in its most basic form, 100MarathonClub.org.uk lists races by date and type (road marathon, trail marathon or ultra).

To submit your race, click on the link below to email the website admin with the following info: your race name, race date, race website URL and race registration page.

Add a race listing on 100MarathonClub.org.uk

Ultramarathon Race Calendars

A few more directories to try, if you're planning an ultramarathon (see more in international race calendars).


RunUltra.co.uk maintains a significant database of ultramarathons from across the globe with about 250 UK events listed on the website. Unlike other larger directories towards the top of this list, RunUltra lists multiple event distances under a single directory entry, so the actual number of races on the database is much larger than the headline figure.

RunUltra is first and foremost a race database and the functionality, information richness and look of entries is amongst the best you'll find. All race listings come with user reviews at the bottom and the ability to add video and photo carousels to your race page, so if you decide to list make the most of it.

Add a race listing on RunUltra.co.uk (requires free user registration)

Ultrarunning World UK

A smaller directory of ultramarathons, UltrarunningWorld.co.uk is nevertheless free to list on and is regularly updated with news for the ultrarunning community. Like UltramarathonCalendar.co.uk, the race listing format is simple with plenty of ultra-specific race info. No registration required to submit a race.

Add a race listing on UltrarunningWorld.co.uk

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