LAST UPDATED: 4 September 2023

Swivel Bottle unveils creative revenue-generating opportunity for events

With Swivel Bottle's Event Parternship Program race directors can receive affiliate revenue while offering participants discounted rates on Swivel Bottle products.

Swivel Bottle unveils creative revenue-generating opportunity for events

Swivel Bottle, a leading innovator in the sports bottle industry, is thrilled to announce its latest initiative, the Event Partnership Program. This groundbreaking yet simple program is designed to create an additional revenue stream for events as well as offer runners reduced pricing on Swivel Bottle products.

As events large and small continuously strive to offer participants the best possible experience, Swivel Bottle is stepping up to assist everyone involved. Their Event Partnership Program is designed to bolster events’ bottom lines and empower runners with a new innovative product.

Key highlights of Swivel Bottle's Event Partnership Program include:

  1. Discount Codes for Participants: The event is provided with a unique $5 discount code to share with their audience.
  2. Promotion: Swivel Bottle lists the event details on their website, and promotes the partnership via social media.
  3. Revenue: For every activated promo code the event gets $10 back.
  4. Promotion: Swivel Bottle is recognized as the event’s "Official Sports Bottle" on their website and in pre-race communications.

Swivel Bottle inventor and founder Thys Wind expressed excitement about the Event Partnership Program, stating, "Endurance events offer a transformative and enriching experience on so many levels. They bring people of all walks of life together and foster a strong sense of community and a connection to nature. We want to be an integral part of that. As a former race director and lifelong runner, I understand the importance of offering participants as much value as possible while also generating enough revenue for events to pay the bills. Events have thin profit margins and we feel this program is a great way to support them as they truly play a critical role in keeping the endurance community engaged and motivated.”

Launched earlier this year, Swivel Bottle has gained recognition for its innovative design. The company's patented dual-beverage sport bottle has a built-in swivel mechanism that allows the runner to easily carry 2 different drinks in one hand, and select their drink of choice with just a flick of the wrist.

Event organizers interested in joining Swivel Bottle’s Event Partnership Program can do so at They can also contact Thys Wind directly for more details.

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