5 Race Video Teasers That Rock!

5 Race Video Teasers That Rock!

1. You're Welcome America!

Why we like it: The bacon. And the humor. (But mostly the bacon.) Cost of production: $1,800

As everyone who's ever shared a Fail Army clip will tell you, funny goes a long way online. So choosing humor for your video trailer is a great choice, particularly if you can pull something off as brilliant as the Bacon Race trailer.

2. Your Mom Says No

Why we like it: Good editing, happy faces, short and to the point Cost of production: $****

This is a very neat, professional, no-nonsense trailer that is bound to get the attention of a good many OCRacers. What's great about it is that it taps into the kid in every mud-loving racer out there and does so with an honesty and resonance that is really irresistible. When you see this clip, you know the people who made it are speaking your language.

3. Birds-Eye View

Why we like it: Shows what two people and a drone can achieve in a day Cost of production: $650

Now, this is a video that is deceptively cheap and straightforward to put together. You get a runner out on the course for a day and follow them around with a drone. It is, of course, all in the editing. When it's all said and done, you've got a pretty impressive few shots of the course that give viewers a good idea of what it is to take part in the race - all for a few hundred pounds.

4. No.5

Why we like it: Pure class Cost of production: $?

Never mind putting together a teaser video with one runner and a drone - how about putting together an awesome teaser for a 2,500 mi Trans-European ride without a single bike shot?! Think out of the box. Think you need race clips for a good teaser? Thing again.

5. Epic

Why we like it: Well, it's epic, isn't it? Cost of production: $$$

We just had to wrap up with a big production clip and what better example that this ridiculously epic trailer from thorXtri (you now it's a silly tough race when the barge taking you to the start line needs to come down on a piece of icy rock). Numbing landscapes? Check! Sheep? Check! 30ft assorted swords monument? Check! No wonder this one's going straight into the wishlist.

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