Race Roster shares how ‘Jordan’s Run the Runway’ executed a safe and successful COVID-secure event

In an attempt to organize an in-person 5K event during a global pandemic, the Jordan’s Run the Runway team came across a series of challenges they were not expecting to face. Determined to carry on the traditional experience of running down the Diamond Aircraft runway at London’s International Airport, the Jordan’s Run the Runway team formed a well-thought out plan that kept everyone involved in the event both safe and secure. Their successful plan of action is outlined in detail in Race Roster’s latest shared success story.

“We think this is going to be a great resource for event organizers searching for ways to host their events in-person again” says Brandon Laan, VP of Sales at Race Roster. “I was very impressed with the way Jordan’s Run the Runway put together their action plan. I was even more impressed seeing it executed on event day, where many members of our team volunteered to help set-up social distance markers, safely check-in participants, and cheer on the runners and walkers of the race.”

The Jordan’s Run the Runway team encountered numerous organizational barriers after the sudden onset of COVID-19. Marketing, securing sponsors, and planning for an event far out into the unforeseeable future proved to be challenging, but the Jordan’s Run the Runway team tackled every obstacle they encountered.

“​We faced our challenges one step at a time, looking at each obstacle just as that, something that was standing in your way from moving onto the next.​ ” says Christina Harley, Regional Manager, Development at YMCA of Southwestern Ontario, “T​ here were lots of events around North America who were putting good practices into place so we borrowed their ideas and published materials to help design ours around them.​ ”

Want to learn more? Read the full success story at https://raceroster.com/success-stories/jrtr-covid-secure-event.

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