Race Roster introduces participant photo uploads

Your virtual event may not have an official race photographer to capture the experience, but great photos are still being taken! With Race Roster’s NEW participant photo uploader tool, your participants can now upload their own event photos directly to your event gallery and share them with you and other participants.

“One thing participants and event organizers have really been missing with virtual events is sifting through event photos after the race, reliving their own experience, and seeing everyone else’s as well.” says Jessica Collins, Manager of Custom Success. “Our photo upload tool allows all participants to share their individual experiences with everyone else, which is a great way to maintain that strong sense of community around your event!”

The new participant photo uploader tool will allow you to accomplish the following:

  • Enable participant photo uploads & tagging capabilities
  • Encourage social engagement & increase brand exposure
  • Easily flag and remove inappropriate photo gallery
  • Easily upload photos by connecting a Dropbox account
  • Leverage customization features to highlight the photo upload capability

To learn more visit: https://raceroster.com/post/participant-photo-uploads

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