12 International Race Calendars to List Your Race On

12 International Race Calendars to List Your Race On

You may think that promoting internationally is something only larger races. That is not true. Most events can benefit from the exposure of listing on international race calendars.

To help you target the right type of directory, we have split up entries between race calendars that will accept all types of races and other, more niche race directories that focus on specific distances or event types.

Is your race based in the US? Make sure to also check out our list of US race calendars.

All-Race Calendars

A collection of free-to-list race calendars accepting all event types and distances.

Ahotu Marathons

If you've had aspirations for world domination on the race front, you know Ahotu Marathons. The directory claims to be "The largest marathon directory on the web" and, with more that 50,000 races in their database, it is much more than that. First place to start if you're thinking of promoting internationally.

Add you race on Ahotu Marathons (requires free registration)


RaceRaves is a race directory with an emphasis on race reviews. and substantive editorial content. The majority of races on RaceRaves are based in the US (around 80% of them), but there is significant number of international races as well. To add your race, simply follow the link below and provide some basic info about your event - you don't even have to register.

Add you race on RaceRaves


SportsPlanner.com is probably the most diverse website, in terms of sports accommodated on the calendar. That doesn't make it any less relevant - most of the events here are running or other endurance events and even if the weight is once again a bit US-leaning, SportsPlanner.com can rightly claim to be a properly international directory.

Add you race on SportsPlanner.com (requires free registration)


Race-Calendar.com is a mostly UK/US-based directory with a good measure of rest-of-the-world thrown in. The directory is part of a broader set of online running-related assets with significant audiences on both Facebook and Twitter, so a great place to be found by eager racers.

Add you race on Race-Calendar.com (requires free registration)

Marathon & Half Marathon Race Calendars

Free-to-list race directories specifically for marathons and half marathons.


If you plan a marathon anywhere in the world, you would do well to add your race on MarathonGuide.com. Your race will receive a free review-enabled listing and the support of a 10k+ Facebook page. To get started, register with the site at the link below and you can add your race from there.

Add you race on MarathonGuide.com (requires free registration)


Did you know Half Marathons are the most popular and fastest growing race distance? That probably also makes it one of the most competitive. For that extra bit of lift, add your Half on HalfMarathons.net, an excellent global resource for half marathons.

Add you race on HalfMarathons.net

Ultramarathon Race Calendars

A few more directories to try, if you're planning an ultramarathon.


Is it one of those curiosities of the racing world that ultramarathons and other niche events benefit from higher-quality global directories than road races. And they don't come any better than DUV, the race and results database of the German Ultramarathoner Union. Easy to list, tons of other race stats and an invaluable database of past performances by athlete so you can check participant qualification, if that's your kind of thing.

Add you race on DUV


We looked at RunUltra.co.uk in our post about UK race databases and we return to it in this post as it is also host to one of the largest international directories of ultramarathons. The layout and general aesthetic of the site is a joy to behold and the team behind RunUltra.co.uk are very active in rolling out new features, like the recently launched race awards. Great place to list your race if you're looking for an international footing.

Add you race on RunUltra.co.uk (requires free registration)


A smaller directory of ultramarathons and multi-day events, nonetheless, one visited by many ultrarunners who may notice your race here.

Add you race on MultiDays.com

Mud, Obstacle, Trail & Adventure Race Calendars

A collection of free-to-list race calendars specifically catering to the mud, obstacle, trail and adventure racing scenes.

Mud Run Guide

With a geo-searchable directory of the world's finest mud and obstacle races, Mud Run Guide should be your first go-to race directory, if you're a mud race or OCR organizer. The guys at MRG have built a very active 50k+ Facebook audience with another 11k+ followers on Twitter, so they must be doing something right!

Add you race on MudRunGuide.com

OCR Buddy

OCR Buddy is a great new app aimed at the OCR community, voted runner-up Best New Product at the 2016 MudRunGuide.com Best of OCR awards. The app just went past 2,000 OCR Buddies and features a fully-functional race directory of obstacle, mud and adventure races (and even road races and other events).

To list your race on OCR Buddy just click the link below and fill in the short event details form.

Add your race on OCR Buddy (requires free registration)


If it gets your adrenaline pumping, it's in SleepMonster.com. A great directory for adventure or off-road races, SleepMonsters also offers a promo link network for registered users.

Add you race on SleepMonsters.com

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