LAST UPDATED: 30 January 2024

Father-daughter duo, RouteArrows, launches innovative new race signage

RouteArrows' new reusable signage product provides highly visible route marking for events both on- and off-road, whatever the weather.

Father-daughter duo, RouteArrows, launches innovative new race signage

RouteArrows invented their eco-friendly paper stickers to replace spray-painted route markings back in 2007. Today, these hi-viz alternatives can be seen on cycling and running events around the world. Now this duo’s new reusable signage product provides highly visible route marking for events that happily venture off-pavement, onto gravel and trails and laugh at inclement weather.

“Originally I invented RouteFlectiv signs so that gravel rides could utilize the RouteArrows attention grabbing shape and hi-viz value for their routes. The additional ingredients of fluorescent colors and reflectivity make them an excellent method of communication between event and participants.” said RouteArrows owner, Randall Braun.

With the rise of trail events and OCR, this family pair designed their new RouteFlectiv Signs to help participants stay on route. “RouteFlectiv’s” are lightweight weather-proof signs, each sporting a high intensity reflective arrow," added Braun. The unique perimeter hole design allows for easy orientation in any direction and their releasable zip-ties allow them to be quickly attached to traffic cones, stakes, barricades, etc. We believe these signs will be a super versatile and sustainable product for both 5K's and 10K's, as well as trail running, winter events, and mixed terrain challenges too.”

In addition to the fluorescent orange and lime reflective arrows, they’ve also introduced bright white, golden “lager” and a festive red and white striped “candy cane”. All RouteFlectiv Signs are black coroplast for maximum contrast.

About RouteArrows has become the gold standard for route marking both running and cycling events. Their time-tested products are used by thousands of events, in all 50 states and around the world. Their versatile arrow stickers are also being used to both provide guidance and indicate safe social distancing during COVID-19. RouteArrows are 3”x12” adhesive arrow stickers that come in rolls of 250 stickers, available in 10 bright, highly visible colors. Being made out of paper and water-based inks, these eco-friendly arrows are quickly applied and then easily removed or left behind to be worn away by vehicle traffic. RouteArrows products clearly tell participants “This is the way to go!”



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