Audio-guided racing from RunGo to be the next wave of immersive, standout virtual races

RunGo has announced its end-to-end virtual race solution: audio and GPS-guided tours of a race course, Virtual Mode and Street View to participate from anywhere in any way, results leaderboard, and integration with timers and registration platforms.

In 2020, we're learning that virtual races can be a powerful tool to motivate, engage, and grow your running community.

Most virtual races have their participants submit any run they do, or “Bring Your Own Course.” Those runs simply don’t come close to matching a race experience.

But what if their runs could be filled with some of the magic from a real world race?

A great race course is a journey

Race courses are carefully crafted by race organizers to tell stories about the city, its neighbourhoods, its athletes, and its partners.

What if powering up Heartbreak Hill, hearing the deafening noise of 1st Avenue coming off the Queensboro Bridge, seeing the final stretch in front of Buckingham Palace, or your race’s equivalent could be part of a virtual experience?

How real meets virtual

The running app RunGo, on iPhone, Android, and Apple Watch, which features a unique, customized, turn-by-turn navigation system, now offers the end-to-end virtual race solution we’ve been waiting for.

RunGo’s verified routes immerse runners in the race, with turn-by-turn voice navigation, custom messages about landmarks you’re passing, motivational messages, sponsor activations, and recorded audio messages. Runners feel it!

At the end of the run, right in the app, participants can submit that GPS-tracked run directly to the race’s leaderboard, for fair, validated results.

Or, results can be easily exported and merged with 3rd party timers and registration platforms. Results can also be manually submitted through an embeddable web form.

Stay on course confidently with audio-guided races

We’ve learned that the most enjoyable way to navigate a new route is with voice navigation, and this is RunGo’s unique capability: no more running with a map, no more trying to memorize a route, no more stopping every minute to check your phone, and no more mediocre run routes.

Or, Virtual Mode! Now race from anywhere in any way

Some races either may not allow their runners to race the real course, or their participants may live anywhere across the world and will want to be a part of it too.

For that, RunGo launched Virtual Mode, so runners can run any race route from anywhere in any way: outdoors in their neighborhood or indoors on a treadmill or on the spot.

From a treadmill, you can enable RunGo’s Live Tracking Street View, to watch the course progress at your pace as you hear matching voice messages. Runners will feel like they’re on the real race course. Read more about the 3 ways to run a virtual race.

Standout virtual race examples

BMO Vancouver Marathon shows off its world-renowned course and community engagement with messages placing you on the course, motivational quotes from winners, and shout-outs to their sponsors:

  • Here's another recorded tip from one of our elites, former champ Rob Watson. "Hey, Rob Watson here. Just wanted to say you’re doing great. You’ve got this! Find a comfortable pace and stick with it."
  • Thank you to our promotional partner, John Stanton and The Running Room, who have a flagship store just ahead on Denman Street. Running Room on your right

Run Local’s Across the Bay 12K and 415K is offering 7 routes, as variations on their usual two distance options, which highlight different parts of the course, allowing flexibility for their runners.

The optimal virtual race

“The wishlist for race participants and race organizers from a virtual race includes a motivating run, fair results, and an engaging community,” said Craig Slagel, CEO of RunGo.

“Even though virtual races have exploded in popularity over the last few months, we believe that they’re not just a fad, and they’ll be crucial moving forward. They allow races to connect with runners from anywhere in the world, and, now, they allow unique races, dedicated race partners, and proud cities to show off their commitment to fitness and community. At RunGo, we can do this and scale up with some groundbreaking app technologies.”

Interested to learn more?

If you’re a runner, check out these verified race courses in the RunGo app:

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