LAST UPDATED: 8 November 2023

Ashworth Awards’ Made in USA medals will now be made with 100% recycled material

The company is making the switch to recycled PET ribbons for all Made in USA Dimensional Steel medals.

Ashworth Awards’ Made in USA medals will now be made with 100% recycled material

Ashworth Awards has led the charge in sustainable recognition awards, developing and being the sole entrepreneur of their sustainable, recycled material awards line. The company started their efforts in 2017, determining the best machinery and material to ensure quality, top-of-the-line products. In 2019, they launched their Made in USA Dimensional Steel line, having reverse engineered previous processes to reduce waste and utilize recycled material while keeping costs low for customers.

“Until recently, recycled PET ribbon material has been difficult to work with and sublimate, but we have made great strides in ensuring the material meets Ashworth Awards’ quality standards over the last year," said Ashworth Awards CEO, Daniel Ashworth. "We are very proud to say that Ashworth Awards is the only company in the United States that can manufacture custom finisher medallions to scale out of 100% recycled material including steel, wood, and PET fabric! We are doing this while still keeping our pricing competitive with imported, non-sustainable medallions. Ashworth Awards also manufactures die cast medallions in the USA, reducing our and national customers’ carbon footprints making because they are produced in and shipped within the USA.” 

For more information on making the switch to sustainable Made in the USA medals, reach out to Ashworth Awards at or email

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