Changing the Race Experience

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Like you, we love participating in and cheering on our friends and family in running, cycling and triathlon events. We love it so much that we built RaceJoy so we could have the race experience we wanted.

With RaceJoy, you can easily offer the most advanced form of tracking available with no added equipment and at a minimum cost. You also receive real-time race day management and communication tools.

RaceJoy uses the power of smart phones to provide real-time GPS tracking of the person’s actual location and create real-time information and interaction with race organizers and spectators.

More than 60% of runners carry their phone while running and this number continues to grow. This, along with continual advancing technology, creates an opportunity to give participants a new way to experience race day and for race organizers to have powerful real-time information to help manage race day.

Together, we are changing the race experience!


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  • bob.bickel@runsignup.com

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Of course I like RaceJoy! I fell for it a few years ago when I was watching my two daughters run a race where there were 20,000 runners. How to find them in that crowd? RaceJoy.

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