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Legends Tracking provides GPS trackers that turn your event into a live experience, followed by thousands of people, and offer you an invaluable tool for you as a race director to keep everything safe and organized.

How Does It Work?

Every participant carries a small GPS tracker (65 grams) with him. These trackers take a GPS position at a pre-defined interval (from every 15 seconds to every 10 minutes depending on the event and event duration), and then send this position to the Legends Tracking servers via GPRS.

The Legends Tracking trackers can connect on any available mobile network, giving them a much better connectivity than your normal mobile phone. And if the tracker is in an area without mobile reception, they will store up to 3000 locations in an internal buffer, and send these once mobile reception is available again.

On the Legends Tracking website, the GPS positions are used to create a visually attractive website showing:

  • The current location of each participant
  • The full track of each participant
  • Leaderboard for your event
  • Visualisation possible on different maps

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  • Ranger Ultras

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Legends Tracking is an excellent system. It is specially developed by runners who also organise their own races. Hence the whole interface is seamless, intuitive and easy to use with quality data output. I now use Legends Tracking on all our Ranger Ultras trail running events.

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