[Bonus] Going Solar

It’s another bonus episode for you today, and as we were discussing reducing your race’s carbon footprint last week, this week’s episode falls quite neatly in the same area of sustainability and decarbonization.

Today, I’m joined by race director, race timer and solar power enthusiast Lowell Ladd, of 2L Race Services, to talk about how you can switch your race day headquarters over to solar power, so that your entire race day operation runs on sun juice instead of diesel. 

We’re going to be looking at the stepping stones to building out a solar power setup, from getting started on a single solar generator to gradually building out a full-fledged mobile solar power station. And we’re going to be answering your questions on the feasibility, reliability and cost of such a setup when it comes to powering race day. 

In this episode:

  • The benefits of switching to solar power
  • Energy consumption by hardware, and what a solar-powered system could support, depending on size
  • The anatomy of a solar-powered setup: components, connectivity, outlets
  • The cost of building your DIY solar-based system
  • Panels: what to buy and how to scale up
  • Li-based vs acid-based batteries: pros and cons
  • Taking care of, maintaining and upgrading your setup

Additional resources:

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