Are you looking for a 5K registration form template for your race? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve got a number of different 5K registration form templates for you to download, including a paper registration form, if you plan to physically collect registrations, and an online registration form, if you prefer doing things electronically.

If you’ve got any feedback for us or would like us to improve our 5K registration form templates in any way, don’t forget to share your comments below.

What makes a good registration form?

Before we get into the templates, a very quick intro into registration forms (you may need this when customizing or extending our free templates).

Writing a great registration form is mainly about two things: 1) collecting all the data you need and 2) providing a good user experience.

This is definitely not rocket science. But it still doesn’t stop people getting things wrong. So here’s a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Always include basic race info on your form. Getting people sharing your registration form is a good thing. But this means people ending up with your form that may not necessarily know key details about your race, such as the date, location or cause your race benefits. Make sure you always include this info on any registration form, whether online or on paper.
  • Keep it simple. It is a well established fact that long and unnecessarily complicated forms deter people from filling them. Wouldn’t it be a shame to do all the hard work to get someone eager to register for your race to then have to lose them during the registration stage? Keep your forms as simple as possible – for anything you think of adding, ask yourself this: “Do I need this information?”
  • Choose the right question format. Knowing what you need to ask is one thing; knowing how best to ask it is another. For example, why are you asking for people’s date of birth? Unless you’re buying them a birthday present, what you probably need instead (to determine your 5K age groups, for example) is their age on race day. So ask for exactly that and spare yourself the trouble of date formats and having to do your own age math.
  • Don’t forget the waiver! If you are collecting liability waivers, make sure to add the language of your choice at the end, as well as a checkbox people will have to tick to confirm reading and agreeing to your waiver terms.

Ok – with that out of the way, here are your 5K registration form templates:

Paper registration form template

5k registration form - Paper template - page 1

About the paper 5K registration form template

The paper 5K registration form is meant to be either printed or emailed for participants to fill in and return signed to the organizer. The form can be downloaded in Word or Google Docs format.

The template covers all the information you will likely need to collect from participants, including name, email, address, phone number, gender, date of birth and T-shirt size (for races giving out finisher T-shirts).

The template also includes a cover page. On the cover page you can include important information about your race, such as the entry fee, entry fee payment instructions and any other information you think would be useful for participants to know.

Lastly, don’t forget to add your waiver at the end of the registration form. Participants are required to tick a box acknowledging agreement with your waiver before signing and dating the form.


  1. Use the form below to download our 5K registration form templates for Word and Google Docs:

    (NOTE: You should receive an email with your templates pretty much straight away. If you don’t, do check your junk or spam folder in case the email has been misplaced there.)

  2. Open your preferred version and save a copy of the template in your drive to be able to customize your own version.
  3. Replace or remove the cover image, add your race information and waiver. Don’t worry if the document extends to a second page. Make sure your registration form includes all the information you need to collect from participants.
  4. Save, print or export your finalized form in PDF for easier sharing with participants.

Online registration form template

About the online 5K registration form template

The online 5K registration form template is meant to be filled in online. We have built the template in Google Forms, a free online form builder you can use to create and share an unlimited number of forms.

The online template covers the same information as the paper template: name, email, address, phone number, gender, date of birth and T-shirt size.

At the top of the form, there are two tabs. You can use the Questions tab to edit your form. When users have provided responses to your form, i.e. they have registered for your race, you will be able to view individual responses under the Responses tab. You will also be able to download all registration information as a spreadsheet from this tab.

There’s also three helpful icons to know about at the top right of the form. You can click on the palette icon to customize the colors, cover image and other aspects of your form. The eye icon gives you a quick preview of the form as seen by users. Lastly, you can use the cog icon to manage your form’s settings, such as allowing users to edit their registration details after submission of the form.

Here too don’t forget to add your waiver at the end of the form. Users will have to click on the checkbox under the waiver to acknowledge agreement before submitting their registration details.


  1. If you haven’t done so already above, fill in the form below to download our 5K registration form templates:

    (NOTE: You should receive an email with your templates pretty much straight away. If you don’t, do check your junk or spam folder in case the email has been misplaced there.)

  2. Open your copy of the template and customize the looks of your form, adding or removing fields as needed.
  3. When you are happy with the result, click the Send button at the top right of the page. You have three options for sharing your registration form with participants:
    1. Email it to individual recipients
    2. Get a sharable link to the form – whenever a user clicks on that link, a registration form will open in their browser
    3. Embed the form anywhere on your website by adding the Embed HTML snippet in your website’s HTML code

Online registration with payment processing

If you don’t already have an online registration provider and would like a complete registration solution (collecting registration details and taking entry fee payments), we strongly recommend checking out Ticket Tailor.

You can use Ticket Tailor to build a registration page in minutes and start collecting payments from your website directly into your PayPal or Stripe account.

To learn more about Ticket Tailor click here or take a look at our DIY registration page tutorial where we set up a registration page from scratch in a few easy steps.


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