releases mass-participation interest index, The Pulse, the online marketplace for mass-participation sport in the UK, has released The Pulse to help event organiser’s gauge levels of interest in mass-participation sport in the UK., typically gets more than half a million users a month. With that level of traffic, it’s a meaningful barometer of public sentiment towards running, cycling and triathlon.

Founder David Wearn said, “In our sector, there's one question on everyone's mind. When will mass-participation sport return? To help answer this question and support Race Directors with decision making over the coming months, we're opening our digital doors and sharing data from a few sources including our site traffic.”

Data will include:

  • Traffic: How many people are actively looking for events on
  • Bookings: Are people just looking for events, or also booking?
  • How far in the future are people booking events for?

Spoiler alert: not many people are looking for events right now. Site traffic is 25% of what it would normally be this time of year. But over the next few months the Pulse dashboard will be open and will provide regular updates with top level insights to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends.

To see the latest insights, check the Pulse:

About is the UK’s number 1 marketing channel for Race Organisers. Used by millions of people every year to discover and book their next challenge. Find out more here:

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