LAST UPDATED: 21 March 2024

Athlinks surpasses 400 million results

With a mission to "Compete & Connect,” Athlinks serves as a vital hub for millions of athletes, participating in various timed endurance sports.

Athlinks surpasses 400 million results

Athlinks, the premier destination for endurance athletes seeking to track their race results, proudly announces a monumental achievement: surpassing 400 million race results in its extensive database. This milestone not only cements Athlinks' position as the world's largest and most comprehensive results database for competitive endurance athletes, showcasing its unwavering commitment to the global athlete community, but also demonstrates that the bright post-pandemic future of the endurance sports industry has arrived.

With a mission to "Compete & Connect,” Athlinks serves as a vital hub for millions of athletes across the United States, participating in running races, triathlons, swimming, cycling, mountain biking, and various timed endurance sports. The platform simplifies the process of tracking race results, making it as easy as entering a name in a search box. Athlinks enables athletes to focus on what truly matters: their performance, progress, and the unforgettable experiences of each race. 

As Athlinks crosses this historic threshold, the platform is more committed than ever to expanding its offerings, enhancing community features, and empowering athletes around the world to reach new levels of achievement. Athlinks invites every endurance athlete to join its community, share in this significant milestone, and help shape the future of competitive endurance sports.

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