In our article 3 Facebook Group Ideas to Grow Your Race Online, we saw that there are many ways to use Facebook groups to build meaningful communities online for your various race stakeholders (participants, volunteers, race fans).

But, when it comes to creating an audience you can convert into paying participants, there is one type of group that trumps all others – by a long long way. And it is not the typical race group we see so many race directors create on Facebook.

The kind of group we have in mind can:

  1. Give you exclusive access to a target audience many times larger and more engaged than your Facebook page or mailing list
  2. Deliver much better results than simply launching a Your-Race-Name-Here Group, which is what most race directors do
  3. Keep itself growing with little effort from you, being fuelled instead by referrals from other group members

So what exactly is this magical Facebook group? And why is it so good at helping you grow your race?

We’re about to find out…

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