The Medalist team can create custom medals for any occasion. Whether you have a running race, triathlon, cycling event, sportive, netball, hockey or even a wedding, we can create you a medal.


We specialise in unique interlocking medal designs ideal for a race series, relay teams or long course weekends. Our interlocking pyramid medal design is built using 4 individual medals which magnetically join perfectly to create truly special race medal.


We understand that you are on a budget and the medal cost is a large proportion of your costs for your event. Some of our customers donate their profits to charity and therefore we work them to show them how to save money on your race medals whilst still creating a great bling to attract customers to your event.


We can design a custom medal just for you. It can be any size, any colour and any shape. It can an individual medal or a interlocking medal which can sit alongside another.


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  • Rating: 5 / 5

    I have used the Medalist in 2017, and 2018, and believe their service, communication, and pricing to be top notch, and way better than many competitors having looked at several rivals.

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