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Race Timing Unlimited offers disposable tag, reusable chip and manual timing services for up to 50,000 finishers. Hey - we're unlimited - challenge us to go beyond the 50,000 runner limit.

For disposable tag timing, the Chronotrack bib tag system is used with start and finish times recored and whatever splits that you desire, reporting gun time and personal times.

For reusable chip timing, Chronotrack Chips on ankle straps are is used. Each runner will wear an electronic chip on the lower leg that will record start, finish and split times. These are good for Cross Country races and Multi Sport events.

For smaller races, we have the crews, equipment, systems and know how to produce an exceptionally accurate timed race using manual methods. Preliminary results will be provided for awards at the race site. Final results later that evening. (We like to watch the finish video and see all the smiling faces).

Depending on the option you pick, there is a minimum charge that includes all travel expenses and all special configurations, and will cover a base number of registered runners. Then, a per registered runner fee for registered runners in excess of the base number.


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