Lin-Mark Sports


LINMARK is a Chronotrack authorized timing company.

We own all our ChronoTrack equipment and do not sublet our services. We have two additional trained timing teams. As a multi-facet sports timing company, with 28+ years of in-depth experience, we present many technical services which are inclusive to our overall event services:

  • Paperless on-site entry with our Chrome Notebooks and ChronoTrack Live. Includes payment ability via charge card during the entry process.
  • Chrome Notebooks are utilized for athletes to look up their results as they finish live on site! See RESULTS page for more information.
  • Totally disposable timing bib number, and triathlon timing chips- Mobile/Social Media Results upon finish, via texting to entrants cells phones, immediate posting ongoing on race site, utilizing the notebooks on site for runners to just walk up and type in their bib number to view their finish time which also includes their overall and division placements.
  • In depth assistance advising on race setup, development and promotion
  • Set up Start Line(s), Finish Line(s) depending on event design, digital timing clock(s) - 2
  • Multi-Events would include all applicable transitions with ChronoTrack equipment
  • Five split times are standard for triathlons
  • Full swimmer wave scanning, prior to entering swim start, for swimmer accountability from start to finish
  • Results downloading during event, and continually posted as participants finish via viewing on LINMARK’s Chrome notebooks, and texting to individual social media.
  • Totally disposable timing bib numbers, and chips utilized for multi-events.
  • All pre-event data performed. Full data reports available as required. Assist/announce awards if requested.
  • On-line entry is in concert with ChronoTrack Live thru our website - including event day. Our Chrome Notebooks may be used for events to utilize walk-up, live -entry on race day. This includes the ability for them to also utilize charge payments.



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