Euromed Ambulance


Euromed Ambulance have the facilities to provide basic through to specialist medical services at your event.

Due to our extensive experience within the healthcare industry and the events sector, we are able to offer you a complete medical provision. Our healthcare professionals are involved from initial planning through to debriefing and reporting.

Our senior clinical staff are all either NHS trained or registered health professionals to ensure the best possible clinical standards and care. Euromed can facilitate both on-site and off-site care where required.

We value the reputation we have built up and always aim is to provide the correct level of event medical cover to our customers. We pride ourselves on continuing to provide high quality, patient focussed services to any event or situation of any scale or potential risks.

We offer a range of pre hospital medical services and remote medical and close protection teams for our clients growing specialist needs.

Our health and safety and clinical team work with our clients to advise on best practice that complies with current clinical and safety regulations.


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