Turnkey virtual race services now available from Negative Split Productions

In an effort to continue providing experience and expertise throughout the endurance event production industry, Negative Split Productions(NSP) is proud to announce new turnkey services now available for virtual races.

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and the need to maintain social distancing, many traditional fitness events are transitioning to virtual running events. Virtual running events are not new in the industry but have been embraced over the last few months by races who can longer hold live events. Negative Split Productions has been providing shipping and fulfillment services for events throughout the greater Houston area for 4 years but is now expanding their services offered nationwide.

Turnkey virtual race services now available from Negative Split Productions

With turnkey virtual race services NSP can provide assistance in all aspects of setting up and fulfilling virtual endurance events. Virtual race services include any aspect of race management that is needed for a successful virtual event including:

  • Registration setup with user-submitted results
  • Race items including shirts, medals, bibs, etc.
  • Design services
  • Storage and inventory
  • Shipping and fulfillment

These services can be combined into a complete no-touch virtual race where race directors can focus on the virtual experience and maximizing registration numbers instead of worrying about race operations and fulfillment.

For more information about Negative Split Productions turnkey virtual race services and a quote please visit https://mynegativesplit.com/virtual.

About Negative Split Productions

Negative Split Productions, founded in 2014, is owned and operated in Houston, Texas. The company provides endurance and fitness event management services including; event production, event timing & results, and awards & displays. Tony Sapp, the owner of Negative Split Productions, has been working with Houston event production companies since 2012 to assist in the production of some of the most complex and successful events in the greater Houston area and throughout the world. Visit https://mynegativesplit.com for more details.

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