Sponsor Finder

Finding and applying to online sponsorship programs

What is Sponsor Finder? expandcollapse

Sponsor Finder is our tool for finding suitable sponsors and sponsorship programs and applying to them directly online. Sponsor Finder can help you cut out endless hours of research and anxiety around which sponsors to approach and whom to contact.

How many sponsors can I apply to through Sponsor Finder? expandcollapse

If you are on our Basic member plan, you will be able to view details for and apply to five sponsorship programs that will have been matched to your specific race details. 

As a Premium plan member, you will be able to view details for and apply to all eligible sponsorship programs in our database that match the details of your race. Typically, this means between 20-35 sponsorship programs out of the 200+ active sponsors in our database. 

See a full comparison of our user plan benefits.

What types of sponsorship can I apply for through Sponsor Finder? expandcollapse

There are several types of sponsorship available through sponsorship programs in our Sponsor Finder database, including:

  • cash sponsorships, where your event receives cash from the sponsor;
  • in-kind sponsorships, where your event receives either free of heavily discounted products from the sponsor;
  • marketing sponsorships, where your event receives free marketing or publicity from the sponsor.
My race is several months away. Is it too early to apply to sponsors? expandcollapse

No. In fact, most sponsorship programs require an adequate lead time to the sponsored event, so applying early is a bonus.

Furthermore, because Sponsor Finder is aware of each sponsorship program's lead time and factors in the date of your race in its sponsorship program matching process, using Sponsor Finder earlier will yield more sponsor leads for your race.

Once I reach out to a sponsor, when can I expect to hear back from them? expandcollapse

It depends. Many of the sponsorship programs available on Sponsor Finder will provide details on when applicants can expect to hear back from sponsors on the program's sponsorship page. If not, depending on the sponsor and the volume of requests they receive, you should allow up to several weeks for a response. 

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