Adding, editing and upgrading your company listing on our business directory

How do I add my business on the directory? expandcollapse

Before submitting your business for listing in our directory, please create a user account so we can assign ownership of the listing to you once it's been created.

Once you have your user account set up, contact us including your business name and website, and we'll add your business on our directory for free. 

In order to keep listings in our directory helpful, your website will have to have a page describing the services your business offers (e.g. if you want to be listed in the Race Timers category, you'll have to have a page detailing your race timing services). We do not accept Facebook pages as websites for business listings.

My business is already listed on the directory. How can I claim it? expandcollapse

If your business is already listed on the directory and has not been claimed by any other user, you should be able to see a Claim listing box under the listing page's Contact details box. Simply click on that link to claim your listing. 

If you can't see a Claim listing box on the page, it means the listing has already been claimed by another user. If you think that's in error, please get in touch to let us know.

How do I update the details on my business listing? expandcollapse

In order to ensure proper vetting of all information appearing on the directory, we operate a strict manual approval process for all business listing updates.

To update any details on your listing, please get in touch with your request and we'll take care of everything for you.

How do I add reviews for my business? expandcollapse

Anyone can add a review for your business on your business listing page, by clicking the Leave a review button at the bottom of the page. Reviews are vetted and published after they have been approved.

What regions will my business be listed under? expandcollapse

The regions under which your business will be listed on our directory depend on the category under which your business is listed. 

Some categories, like Insurance, Race Apps and Custom Medals & Awards, list businesses at a nationwide level (e.g. United States or United Kingdom). Other categories, like Race Timers, Race Photographers and Emcees & Announcers, list businesses both at a national and a regional/state level. 

If your business is listed in a category that supports regional listings (e.g. Race Timers) your business will be listed in one region with our Basic listing plan and up to three regions with our Premium listing plan.

How are company listings ranked on directory category pages? expandcollapse

The default order of listing ranking on our directory category pages is as follows (from highest- to lowest-ranked):

  1. Partner listings
  2. Premium listings
  3. Claimed Basic listings
  4. Unclaimed Basic listings

Within these groups, listings are further ordered by rating, with higher-rated listings appearing above lower-rated listings. 

Besides the default ordering of listings above, directory users can decide to order listings by name or rating.

How do I increase the visibility of my business on the directory? expandcollapse

As a Basic listing owner, you can increase the visibility of your business on the directory by:

  1. Claiming your listing
  2. Encouraging customers to leave a review for your business

In accordance with our default way of ranking listings in category pages, claimed Basic listings are shown above unclaimed Basic listings, and higher-rated Basic listings are shown above lower-rated Basic Listings.

If you would like to increase the visibility of your business further, you can do so by upgrading your listing to our Premium listing plan. 

How do I add a logo for my business? expandcollapse

In order to have your business logo shown on the directory, you will have to upgrade your listing to our Premium listing plan.

How can I receive quote requests from race directors through my listing page? expandcollapse

Premium listings can receive quote requests through the integrated quote request form shown on desktop and mobile devices for listings that subscribe to our Premium listing plan.

Basic listings do not show the quote request form and cannot receive customer quote requests directly from the listing page.

How can I upgrade my business listing plan? expandcollapse

You can upgrade your business listing to our Premium listing plan at anytime here by clicking the Upgrade your listing button at the bottom of the page. Once your upgrade purchase is complete, we will get in touch with you to discuss your listing's presentation on the directory.

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