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Step By Step: Create Your First Facebook Ad

Our fully illustrated guide to creating your race’s first Facebook ad. We take you from start to finish in 9 simple steps.

How to Recruit, Train & Retain Race Volunteers

Learn everything you need to know about planning, recruiting, training, deploying and ultimately retaining volunteers for your race

Advanced MailChimp-ing for Race Organisers: Email Personalisation

Learn how to add personal touches to your email campaigns that increase open rates and conversions (i.e. registrations)

Are You Making the Most of In-Kind Sponsorship?

In-kind sponsorship is easier to get than cash sponsorship and often much more effective. Here’s what you should look for and how to grow your sponsorship portfolio.

Give Your Race an Edge with Live Video

Read about the many ways live video can enhance your race profile, reach and communication effectiveness

3 Alternatives to Chip Timing

Need an alternative to chip timing for your race? We looked at the options and bring you the best for any type of race

5 Best Free Course Mapping Tools

Creating a beautiful, sharable race course map should not be rocket science. Here’s the best free tools for the job.

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