After you sign up for our race director membership program – and every time your membership renews each year – you will receive 50 listings credits to use with our race calendar listing service.

Every time you submit your race details to us for listing, we submit your race to race calendars and deduct credits from your listings credits account.

For each race calendar your race is successfully submitted to, we deduct 1 credit. If we can’t submit your race or your race is already listed on a race calendar, no credits are deducted. So, if your race is submitted to, say, 23 calendars, we take away 23 credits from the 50 listing credits that come with your membership.

You can submit for listing as many races as you want, and we will go through the submissions process listing races you submit until you run through all your 50 listing credits. When you do, you’ll have the option to buy another 50 listing credits for $99.

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