Once you add a listing for your business on the directory – or claim an existing business on the directory as your own – your listing will enter the directory at the Basic listing level.

Basic listings provide a dedicated page for your customers and our race director users to leave and read reviews about your business, as well as a get basic information about the products and services you offer. They also allow you, as the Basic listing owner, to receive notifications whenever a new review of your business is posted by one of our race director users.

Basic listings appear under one location (e.g. Alabama) and one directory subcategory (e.g. Custom Medals & Awards).

To be able to show more information on your listing, including your business contact details, and to allow your listing to appear on multiple locations and directory subcategories, you will need to either verify or upgrade your listing.

Verified listings

Verified listings get to list the business website as part of the listing’s contact details. You can verify a business listing you own for free by following these simple instructions.

Premium listings

If you don’t want to verify your listing or would like to add additional contact details on your listing, such as email, phone or contact person, you can upgrade your listing to Premium status.

To learn more about Premium listings and upgrading, click here.

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